Poems by Dr. Okram Shakuntala

Poems by Dr. Okram Shakuntala
Days don’t wait & months don’t wait
I know my love how much is great
Love is waiting with heavenly roses
Either in buds form or blooming says
I acknowledge your gratefulness
Here and there
Love is my sweetest base
As I love you for
You gather me the rose, the rose
With winter smiles my love goes
I know my dream foregone forgone
With your warmly embrace on & on
The story of our love is not very old
I know not how it became so bold
You offered me everything that you have
As you from your core love me and love
The Mask And The Hypocrisy
Oh ! Mask
The known being new
Over the face of man to play the role
Of a stranger to protect the world
From the unseen danger of pandemic
Of course, it is official with high respect
To sustain the real sustenance
Who says it is not hypocrisy?
As it gives man a great respect
Among the crowds of known and unknown
But ,one question is still unsolved
Who has asked? None can find
Who can answer? No body knows
Still unravished is the whizzing noise
In the thunderstorm of air and space
Without touching and without caressing
It is about to open its mouth
If the mouth is not under a mask
Oh dear brothers and sisters
Keep the word ” Hypocrisy “
In the very core of your heart
And march ahead with a mask
Over your mouth and nose
How long you are living on the earth
©Dr. Okram Shakuntala

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