RESPLENDENT REFLECTIONS / Poem by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poem by Jyotirmaya Thakur
The world around you is a reflection,
A mirror showing the person you are,
Nature around you is God’s creation,
If you search for beauty inside,it’s not far.
The grass if not greener here,it’s not there,
What you see in others,shows you to yourself,
See the best in others and be what you dare,
Give to others and you give to yourself.
God gave us the gift of life,which is simple,
We make it complicated by wanting ample,
Lots of expectations from yourself and others,
Best thing is to hold on to one another.
Feel free to make mistakes and be humble,
Choose to live life and embrace with passion,
Love with your heart and you will tumble,
Have some humour,some style and compassion.
The mission of life is not merely to survive,
But to allow ourselves freedom of living well,
Jump at every chance, be wild and thrive,
Possibilities that you see in others are for you as well.
Own a wishbone,a backbone and a funny bone,
Every moment should be enjoyed and savored,
Don’t settle till you find why you were born,
Every life on this Earth is gracefully favored.
@copyright Jyotirmaya Thakur. [ SOJOURN OF THE SOUL]

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