Poems by Margaret Kowalewska

Poems by Margaret Kowalewska
If You Love A Woman
If you like a flower
Let it live..
If you love a woman
Let her breathe..
Do not clip her wings
Let her fly
in the skies
of your eyes..
If you love a woman
Do not rush her
like a waterfall..
Let her be the river slow
Give her time
to enjoy..
If you love a woman
Let her know..
The Music Of Your Alchemy
I hear the music in your eyes,
That music of great composers
Beethoven, Vivaldi, Chopin
vibrating with feelings
Such sound is born
when our eyes are drown
in each other’s
gaze for the first time
and beautiful feelings are
conceived in the womb of love
The silence whispers
through your sensations
radiating from your eyes
through the scent of roses
lingering on your lips
and the breath of the stars
with the utmost expression
as if sanctified Dervish’s
whirling skirt is pulling us
in the infinite whirlpool of trance
where your divinity and mine
blend our atoms in the firmament
of the milky way
with spontaneous feelings
And jasmine garlands
intensify their perfume
at the first touch of our hands
Can you feel the spark of electricity
when the innocence shivers
in your spine in our day dream
bringing your alchemy to me
on the wings of an angel
It is the music of your silence
which fills my soul with ecstasy
in the awareness of your existence
(c)(R)Margaret Kowalewska

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