Poems by Joanna Svensson

Poems by Joanna Svensson
Oh, Ukraine
Our brothers and our sisters
In all of our world
Of so mamy different countries
With eyes filled with tears
With hands all reached out
Towards heaven
You pray for mercy
You ask for reason
Neither day nor night
No time for to rest
For all of them
Who stand up for their country
For their righteous freedom
For roof above their heads
For food, for clothes
For their right to be humans
The whole world now holds its breath
Shocked and in anger
It does not understand
Why now and how
Can this actually happen
We are all sisters
We are all brothers
Regardless of nationality
Religion or race
Or color of skin
In the end we’re all humans
A brotherhood of man
And I strongly do believe
That each and everyone of us
All do we pray
For Ukraine today
‘Cause praying gives you mental hope
Important urge to survive
Practical help
Will and solidarity
Grows in all of the world
By each and every day
Strength to all of them
Who fight in daily battles
For cities, villages, streets and homes
I do strongly wish
That our prayers make a mense
The power of survival
Must gain a trust within
Each prayer from all of us
Will mobilize the force
To stand up for hope
For freefom
For Ukraine!
In comes a thousand Daisies
Hopping, jumping down the lawn
They all dance and sing and they gossip
‘Bout the timely arrival of spring
To every living being
They bring out the news
To the strawberries newly awaken
All dressed up in sheerest green suits
-Spring is here, spring is here!
Spring is really here!
The shy little violets all join in
With the frisky organizers
Of this happy spring-event
They all do come dressed
In blue lilac colors
Of utmost beauty
All blended in shades
Their spring-dance, so golden
Of pure happiness
Greeting the springtime
So lovely and bright
The one they’ve all wished for so long
The whole courtyard is filled
With spring-feelings and sun
And bandmaster Bumble invites us all
To Edward Grieg’s Spring Symphony
Springtine itself gets tears in her eyes
Tears of happiness for this joyful event
Although each year it happens again
Every each year it’s anew!
At the moment I have put
Just about everything on hold
All my thoughts
All my dreams
All I really want to do
At the moment the universe
Holds its breath in total shock
Watches recent events
With sad and frightened eyes
All that happens at the moment
And actually to be able
To look me in the face
I put on
My colorful enchanted coat
And embark on a long
And self-contemplating walk
To greet the springtime
That comes around this time each year
In spite of everything
So, actually – at the moment
I’ve put everything on hold
All my thoughts
All my dreams
All I really want to do
©® Joanna Svensson

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