SYMPHONY OF THE HEART AND SOUL / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
In that moment everything called female was moving inside me
You imagined me that beautiful woman posing in her purple dress
Watching you and provoking inside wild desires you used to hide
Your looks were awakening and inflaming my visible and invisible desires
Every hostile thing to me was pushing similar feelings in my nose, I had never felt before
Your words touched me, erupting and disappearing between what I imagined and what was real
In that moment your breathes were chasing me in all the directions
Making me crazy and hugging me softly, feeling a strange ecstasy
I enjoyed everything my hands could touch and my soul could feel
I embraced, kissed and shared with you everything in a wonderful rhythm
My heart played the music of the impossible love and the fusion of soul
You exceptional sweetheart, how did you surprise me?
How did you break the silence of my soul?
How could you reach me? How? How? Tell me how.
Whoever guided you to my path to break into my long and prolonged retreat?
While you were saying those hard-to-find words, I felt something exciting
First I was surprised, but feeling that they pierced my ribs I welcomed them
Then I felt myself drowning in a dreamy moment that might be seldom repeated
What a wonderful moment I hoped it would be everlasting
Misfortunately, since that time it never reoccurred!!
Mahmoud Said Kawash

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