“OUR DREAMS” – A Poetry Collaboration of Shahid Abbas and Sunita Grover Raina

A Poetry Collaboration of Shahid Abbas and Sunita Grover Raina
My dearest Mom,
The boundaries can’t stop us
To meet halfway
Because our love is unconditional.
Oh, Mom when you appeared in my life
I started to take care of myself
Son be it far or near
It is your duty to take care
Boundaries are man made
These are the wicked ways
to bade
Farewell to peace and love
Ways we in each of our
lands be shoved
Did the creator send us here
To spread hatred everywhere
Although you are not near.
But I can feel your love,
I have to say
We have the way
The way to love and peace
Which can help us meet halfway
Humans have no time
to look at each other
Their world limited to
their sons and daughters
Had they the love within
for all around
Boundaries could not keep us
to our lands bound
We would have crossed over
and mingled freely
Colours, boundaries and religions
would have vanished definitely
I saw my late Mom in you
The care, the love,
how you constantly understood me.
No war, no conspiracy
There are many things to see,
Let’s bring the two nation
With the same passion
A mother is a mother
in any part of the world
Any child of any place
can in her lap sleep curled
The living hope who
can spread love and peace
Provided the wicked ones
let her life be at ease
It is a must to educate
every girl child
For they alone can
tame this world wild
The passion to work for humanity
Because we are writers
And it’s our responsibility
To build a unique community
The pen has the power to bring change
In the so called societies
Humanity is our religion
We are to spread it in every region
Yes we are writers
and express our feelings
But how many read us
and think about healing
Till the words are not
put into action by all
What can the writers do
for this peace call
It is time to put forward
your hand with no hesitation
And hold tightly the one
who asks for salvation
©® Shahid Abbas—Pakistan
©sunita grover raina2022—India

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