Poems by Linda B. Scanlan (USA)

Poems by Linda B. Scanlan 
Hold On To Dolphins
I’ll fly to you
maybe skip or hop
I’ll buck and wing myself to you
Dancing from dawn to dusk
you make my heart sing
every note a sonata
you make my cells tremble
thinking of you
makes me weak
I’ll fly to you
catch a ride on the wing of a dove
I’ll swim to you
hold on to dolphins when I’m tired
I’ll come to you
stand still
I’ll be there soon………..
The Warrior
Stand on the ground of courage
muster brave during midnight bombings
walls may crumble
but not your resolute spirit
Courage is found in the hardscrabble space between in and out
do not hide your fear
embrace it
You are the chosen warrior
battling the invisible enemy of the lie
Hold fast to truth
for therein remains yours as well…..

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