“G.O.D.-GRACE OF DESIRE” / Poem by Timothy Payton

Poem by Timothy Payton
Grace Over Darkness, Grace Over Despair,
A beacon of light and encouragement
to share,
To be of an empathic nature for those of an apathetic vibe,
Universally collective with a Spiritual and connective tribe;
Guide Of Destination, Giver Of Divinity,
Displaying direction for those that are lost with Blessed simplicity,
Humble and kind, caring with compassion,
Forgiving in nature, that radiates with love and full of Passion;
Gracer Of Devotion, Guidance Over Destitute,
Deliverance from suffering and Salvation is given unto,
An inner seed of peace is planted within the soul,
Inheriting a Spirit that will follow you everywhere you go;
Greater Over Defeat, Grace Of Desire,
A gift from the Almighty, for those aspiring to go higher,
Provider of strength when one feels weak and defeated,
The guiding light for those lost of a healing virtue to be completed.

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