Poems by Gina Carrillo

Poems by Gina Carrillo
Vicious and Delicious
Don’t put me into
your sharp silver cookie cutter mold
can’t shape me it won’t hold
The cuts have scarred over
you were a monster
but couldn’t devour me
I ran from that gingerbread house
bread crumbs left behind
you couldn’t keep me in line
I’ll not get melted by the fire
you will be left burnt
only thinking about your lost desire
I’m just vicious and delicious
Have you ever danced
with the Devil
in the pale moonlight
Imagining that he acted right
used to bring out the best
evil hidden just like the rest
Swaying to the hypnotizing beat
thinking I was carried off my feet
melting with a detrimental touch
tricked way too much
Fell in Love with a creature
a blood sucking leech
this is a scary tale I tell
now I just get on stage and yell
My words filled with all the pain
Letting it all go
so I can feel whole
Loving my life
just a haunted soul

Would you like a copy of my pain
Inked with crimson blood stains
There are dusty Skeleton remains
Sprinkled with sands of times
Written with lines of rhymes
Telling true scary tales
Shouting them out loud in wails
Grief stricken shadows
from the crypt of my mind
cobwebs pulling open scars
Memories of horror stories
Anger ridden cuts
Deep crevices of a broken hearted soul
There are rainbows covering the walls
Trying to brighten up the darkened halls
Locked doors with broken keys
Weird crooked pictures
Ornate gothic fixtures
Uneaten delicacies in sight
Eye candy all around
Music making humming sounds
Mind maze swirling
Hypnotizing whirling
Lost in the cracked mirrors
Past multiple selves seen
New me coming in clearer
Remembering previous lives
Take a ride down the high slide
This is just some of what is inside
-Black Widow

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