My Mother / Poem by Shahid Abbas

Poem by Shahid Abbas
My Mother
My mother knew my pain
She was medicine for my grief
My childhood mired in dead hope
If only to see her face again
Wandering searching praying
for a snap glimpse of her presence
Finding empty space
I’m lost then found in hot salty tears
To have you for a moment in my life was the greatest blessing
How loyal
How good
How selfless you were
What a time it was!
Everything was alive and filled with possibility
When I owed
My mother sacrificed every penny
Then, during that brief time in the sun
I loved the whole world
Her charming grace filled it
I was raised by her smile
Nourishing me, my godsend
I bear witness to the harsh impossibility of change
Mother gone in the blink of an eye
Yet I believe we shall meet one day
Somewhere between now and anon….
©️ Shahid Abbas 2022

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