Poems by Mar Thieriot

Poems by Mar Thieriot
Between us
Between us,
A black pencil,
– And a sudden silence
A silence white and then empty,
With the wind of a
an Infinite exchange.
The alert spirit,
Sometimes diligent,
Sometimes fallow,
remains still
I wake up to this new day
In my life
I wake up to the real way of being
And to its simplicity
I wake up…
To the acceptance
of what we will be
To the maternal and warm meeting
To the possible sisterhood
I wake up
to the power of words
Standing up,
I am still rising
Love a declaration
of more
among a thousand.
The mute love goes underground,
In the gestures of water
a presence
Far from oppression
Gold drips between our fingers,
My sunny voice
Trust us
a first verse
a last
Thank you for “the detachment that makes possible
Free listening” [1],
Thank you also, for your soft and warm proximity.
Thank you again for the trust that allows this journey
Towards a word that shines, clarity in the darkness
Thank you for the respect that marks the dignity of words,
Words full of meaning, but also those that are lost
In terror, nonsense, shame and chaos.
Enlightened detachment, proximity to the ashes,
That allow the poem to unfold
And to illuminate or to darken suavely the world.
[1] HEIDEGGER in Acheminement vers la parole, p.250, Paris, Gallimard, 1976.

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