Poems by Eva Kacanja


 Eva Kacanja



Eva Kacanja was born on October 7th, 1971 in the city of Kruja, Albania. Her poetries are introduced in several magazines and anthologies and have caught the attention of literary critics. She has published the following volumes of poetry: “The statue of the soul”, 1995 “At the bottom of your heart”, 2004 “Scent of soil”, 2011 Eva’s fourth volume of poetry is in the process of publishing. She lives in Durres, Albania with her husband and two children.



Poems by Eva Kacanja






My poetry roaring inside of me.

My poetry yelling inside of me,

moss of pain and love

in the humid walls of my soul.

Where I am and where I go,

where I get lost through my days,

where metaphor strikes,

and I, confused in thousands of distractions,

lost in thy daily bread !

I beg you God,

My verse give me this day.





A new longing


Here comes the fall again,

The storks migrate,

In my garden a new longing

embracing the trees thaws.

Through leaves, hair gold wear,

Here comes the fall again,

This thirsty lip flares,

This new longing tortures me.

The eye burns this new longing,

The white dawn the dream fades out,

Here comes the fall again,

You’re far with escape, oh how far.

Where can I migrate this new longing,

To the mountains or to the moon,

Here comes the fall again,

To sleep my dreams surrender…





Conversation with God


Sleeping down a rock,

napping light through leaves

Awoke in me,

While silently praying.

Forgive me God,

But so lonely I feel,

“Pick up a flower,

And fold it in your heart”

I’m scared God,

The clouds hide it all,

“There’s no rain without cloud,

There’s no flower without it”!





In the wine cup


In cup of my wine

your bread you dip,

I feel your thirst

Warm of my trunk,

Ember from fire stolen

This glance of yours.

I weep,

Don’t know why I recall

That last supper

Of your crucifixion!

Try to talk,

But you just hush,

Although in your silence

The whole forest talks.

Suffocates my tear,

Breaad, wine dipped,

Breaks the pine arm.

By breeze corroded…

You swore, you say,

To yourself you swore,

But on your lips

I pledged my kiss,

Inside my cup

Your bread hurts…!





I’m scared of you


You’re scary sea,

You scare me,

The only one!

You call me,

Seem quiet,


Agreen half moon,


Like eyelids of a baby sleeping,

You tempt me,

Your noise thrills me,

But I can’t come!

I’m scared of you

Lying in the shore,

Your tounge

My foot touches!


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