Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



I Just Want To Love You

(open to all respectful comments and critiques)


I just want to love you so much more,
I am tired of renting my heart to others,
And to all the heartless without a smile,
Who they give away to the heartbreaker.

Flipping over the new pages of your book,
Without judging the corners of your cover,
I really love to write you stories nd poems,
Instead of rereading the dusty pages of past.

Unpeeled your fears for the sweetest night,
I will create of your scent a soul to the moon,
I will draw of your eyes a color to the darkness,
I will pour your colour to all the four seasons.

I have never hated anyone before so much,
Then why everyone ignore my tweets tears,
I have always won in all of my silliness games,
Then why I can’t see you in dreams come true.

Date me and let the stars dance once again,
With burning candles and one bottle of wine,
I will pour you a cup of a man pure romance,
I will pour myself a cup of your life tenderness.

Slowly but surely you will walk with me happy,
Happy to enter my heart, happy to set in my
Freedom, I calm your nerves of your hands,
And lay down like a dove rest from flying high.

No more rush or traffic in the time of pleasure,
Undress the locks off your dull materials off,
Wake the naughty boy inside of me nowhere,
Before I start counting all the hanging stars.

Let me love you differently than other nights,
My soul to be the sea waves of your imagination,
Cuddling your barefoot and arising our fantasies
With a spring growing more of roses and thorns.

Show me how your spirit can melt me down,
With your flesh touching every beat of heart,
And your lips kissing every colour comes out,
Where your beauty dissolve on my two hands.

In fall, I will write you a song of colourful leaves.
In winter, I will wish to have you more than once.
In spring, I will wipe your scents to dry my tears.
In summer, I will be the sand and you will the sea.

I just want to love you so much more and not less,
I miss to see the moon in two half of your middle,
And watch the sun rays from your eatable cheeks,
Shines off your nipples, and sleeping like an angel.



My Life Vision


It might sound crazy but that’s my life vision,

I have grown up with my grandpa knowledge,

My primary school wasn’t very helpful to me,

Which also explains why I wept for no reason,

None of the teachers understand my early age.


I went in high school and there I have always wanted

To have a girlfriend, that can have her very first time,

Meaning like our first love, first kiss, and first romance.

Unfortunately, none of that happened in middle school.

I always followed the ones who doesn’t like to hear me.


You may be laughing if I said that I couldn’t speak and

Write English like the way I do right know when I am just

Writing the tale of the man who seems more like myself

To the dark, since his like the book and the sea waves who

They hear us, while we are adults and nobody care for us.


I have always loved military and political reading books,

It give me a sense of confident in my soul, and in my

Heart as well. While nobody but a few of your friends

Will notice that my weakness appear when I am reading

Or writing about my pains in messy lines of the poetry.


If I walk and I see somebody smiling, it means no war.

If I run and I watch someone staring, it means no peace.

It gets interesting when I describe my emotions and my

Feelings about women, and see a friend of mine read it

And tell me that I have to get married and have kids soon.


You may have been in the same situations like I do now.

But in reality, who will care or accept to love a writer or

The poet since the characters in our writing are being

More attractive then ourselves, you and I see tears of

Griefs for the poems that describes a tiny part of my life.


You or your friend may think I am just writing nonsense,

Maybe you start realizing how poetry become a part of

My journey, and let me tell you something that you can

Be a poet but can’t ever be the nightingale ’cause none

Of your friends will stay awake to hear of your miseries.


Now I am twenty seven, and still cries like a blind star.

None of my close friends has sent or call me for my

Birthday wishes, my teachers and my enemies think

That I am taking medicines like some of your friends

Do to fight their sickness, but I’m not since I’m bleeding.


Off course bleeding poetry and not bleeding stains

Of red blood. That doctors and the soil can stop of

Any kids or elderly people or young lovers who dies

In Baghdad, while I am seriously cutting my two arms.

So I feel a bit the pain of being Iraqi who lives in exile.


I called one of my friends, you are my only best friend.

Turns out that I lied to myself and pretend to have one

Or a few who are grounded with joyfulness or under my

Yard somewhere near, I still remember my old friend

He died of cancer, he said I still believe in your vision.


Too bad he died before we can even have one picture

Together, and yet I don’t understand if I falling in love

With my friend, who ignored my feelings since we are

From different believes, also our both countries not the

Same, mine suffered sorrows, her support the sun shines.


( Feel free to comments or critiques about the prose poem)



Close Your/Me Eyes

(open to all respectful comments and critiques)


Close your eyes,
Let your spirit feel like the joyfulness,
That would set you with a lot of dreams.

Close my eyes,
Before my soul gets weak and dying,
And emotional forces me to cry happiness.

Close your eyes,
Hear my sorrowful journey without you,
I talk with nobody, I whisper to your photos.

Close my eyes,
Allow me to feel the pain to die lonely,
Nobody listen, the angels pray to all graves.

Close your eyes,
Fly by the end of stars and the moonlight,
You will hear the night singing for your beauty.

Close my eyes,
So I will go to the paradise to build a house,
Therefore, you can live a life a beautiful queen.

Close your eyes,
And embrace my rose, and breath spring in.
Just to be the tree in fall, with summer branches.

Close my eyes,
Come closer to my lips can kiss me till I die,
Believe me, I love to give you a second chance.

Close your eyes,
Shut the haters front doors, tell me a bed story.
My heart beats by your words that rhymes in ears.

Close my eyes,
Hold your feelings free, and hear my last poem.
Do you miss me a lot, like the grass miss the rain.



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