Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



It was my fault to ask my eyes
To watch the sun and the dawn,
It was my fault to think of you
And ignore what my heart said.

I wish if you could tell me that
You will be breaking my heart,
And I still follow your long steps,
While you were betraying alone.

He touched you till you bleeding,
While I was like a bird in the cage,
I heard the joys with colorless pain,
He smiles with muscles and tattoos.

You had burnt the tales of lovers,
And kept the memories we had to
Throw them in my nightmares of
Watching you eating my spirit row.
Most of the time we wish and wish
Till we die without creating those
Wishes true and realistic, no one
Cry for us and friends recall blood.

Nights and days I am dropping
Winery tears, that recalls me of
Moments of one day where we
Cuddled and kissed love before

He died and kept my mouth
Speechless to about romance,
My heart and soul are strangers,
Even my shadow was never mine.

Cancer steps away from me,
Hopes seek for my positivity,
Dreams look my confidence,
Friends dance above my wounds.



We do more ceremony
For the death of spirits,
Less baptism in families,
Bullet its heartless to life.

We kill the doves before
They raise the peace flag
To help all the refugees,
Hopes of kids are cheap.

We avoid happiness so
Sorrows don’t hurt you,
We weep and weep like
Autumn talks with the rain.

We understand poetry,
And wear the rhymes,
Like a sinner dreaming,
Homeless cannot sleep.

We can’t ask for wishes,
And smile to new days,
Even the death cries and
Says I can’t work in Iraq.



On the banks of aches,
Without ink nor leaves,
With a pain in the mind,
Dreams wrote on diaries.

My tears are from lovers,
My life are odd chapters,
My hands are one book,
Of miseries and characters.

On the banks of beloved,
Lovely looking and scented,
Touch, kiss is the old fashion,
Feel the moving’s cuddled.



Outside from the window of room,
It’s snowy and windy on the street,
When its comes inside of my heart,
It’s soulless and emotionless to self.

If pain could speak on my behalf,
I may be his best enemy to death,
I would stop writing about lovers,
And let him be the realistic singer.

The world seeks for more peace,
When they ignore God blessings,
My lady died live on the television,
The ring of proposal its still in a box.

I don’t want another cup of liquor,
Worry to recall the memories I had,
Sorry to see her of my drunk tears,
I still smell her soul on my birthday.

My days are one cloud of sorrows,
My nights are one ugly drunk poet,
I wanted to die and I have failed lately
I had breast milk with death flavor.

Long stories are damaging me,
Since they have friends within it,
When my real life I am alone,
Terrifying to close my eyes and

Live longer and never dies…
Death and life die before me,
I wait for the gates of mercy,
To close down so I die in hell.



Do not fold the dawn while
He is vanishingly to twilight.

My tongue its still chowing
Your passionate lips savor.

I am lost without your lust,
Escaping church its not a sin.

Because we belong to love,
I will be in your sinful prison.

Forced to serve my heart,
And tightly bound to ecstasy.

My hands surrender on you,
To be the toy make you scream.

Your breasts are forbidden fruits,
And master in dipping my fingers.

Be the wind to my weak moments,
Be the scent to my lonesome nights.

We will be the embers of temptation,
Finishing of lips kiss by the sunshine.

Where one kiss of you creates me a
Poet describing your beauty to doves.


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