Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
Thoughts in 4D,5D….
Humans are different in many ways
Many races,many languages
Many beliefs and many religions
For centuries we failed to unify our souls
To live in peace and Love
we were prisoners of Those differences
It’s time to take a step in advance
To stretch our minds
To free our thoughts
To search for those common points
For instance…
We have only one God folks
One universe
One Earth
One sky
Same souls
Same hearts
Same blood flowing in veins
We breathe same oxygen
We drink same water
We eat same food
We like same flowers
We smile same way
By forming curved lips
We were born same way
All of us will die someday
Aren’t they enough to unify us?
As the lonely human race
Just think……….But with more
dimensions 4D ,5D.
@All rights reserved
Aziza Dahdouh
All the inspirations are within me
I write only what is dictated to me
When my soul is silent
I simply keep silent and wait.
A new year ahead
A new year is knocking at the door
With a bouquet of gray clouds in hands
Much rain to wash sad memories
Those emperors of wars will extinct and become just horrible names written in history books
Those innocent people,victims of violence
Will be mentioned as angels in our prayers
There will be many rainbows,many springs
Humans will shake hands,share laughters
Peace and love will prevail
All together, we will sow seeds of life
Blossoms will cover the lands
We will see a new dawn, a new sunrise
It will be a wonderful world
Just keep faith
All rights reserved
Aziza Dahdouh

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