Are you there… / Jaime Gonzalez

Are you there…



Jaime Gonzalez

I know you’re there, waiting, hidden in your world, in the shadow of my lyrics, in the shadow of my live prophecies, fueling a world of loneliness, feeding your sexiness with every word that flows from my soul, that arise from the corners Where my secrets.
You yell at me a thousand forms in your silences, you get angry, do you dare to challenge your pride and your fears, you flaunt your naked in the wind for me to deliver your sex, and your scents, to let me know that you are mine, even without me knowing .
Are you there?
Whispering to your pillow that I loved you, keep you and devour you, and I finish and I enter you in your sweet dreams, while you roll around in the sheets in your bedroom drowning in your orgasms of midnight.
Your Breasts Erect show me the way, while you hide and you cling to a plethora of crazy things, to the hidden expressions that say, play with your legs and your fingers in rivers of fantasy that flow glad its spring, and expel a scent of Pleasure which weakens the reason.
You tickle the vulva, fights with a shyness that became a lightning sex crazed loner, a beast waiting for his snack, waiting for its prey, waiting for your enjoyment, taking openly his true freedom.
You measure the temperature of your body to touch freely, testing to see if you can touch the sky with my name on it, with my image in your mind, with the tone of my voice to travel for your eardrums looking for heart, looking for the epicenter of your libido.
Your Madness is polluting and freaks out every nook and cranny of your body in a single flashing, are you sure of what you are and what you have, it is no longer a slow fire, is a flame that will not be extinguished, it’s a heat that invades to the bone.
Are you there?
This anxiety erotic vital that I was on hold, is satisfied, it’s done its job, just wait to get up in the morning and that skin this on his pillow and the sheets and tell their story through that storm of pleasures and shared orgasms already satisfied, full Of life.
Calm is an illusion, it is a lonely life renewed, it is a platonic desire sated, which destroys proprieties, which is no longer encourage with love stories, there’s only one life, and that life is worth to lose control, lose the pride , lose the dignity, surrender.
Is it worth it for that love waking up everyday humid and hot, because the compass of the body already knows from whence cometh the emotional distress, from whence cometh who chew the skin with anticipation of new and free pleasures, who I spread your wings and let you fly .
To know the blood who really light the wick that emerges in the middle of my legs, steaming, free, to know the soul, who feeds a hungry pubis and jealous, some breast eager to quench the thirst and a derrière vulnerable and fantasist, Where everything is possible as long as you feel alive, know that you exist.
Is it worth it to belong to someone who makes you tremble conscious or unconscious mind, may be just dreams, feel until the soul a wish aberrant, no attachment, but with a vital right to survive this tidal wave of love and lust, a dark cave and empty Uninhabited for years, waiting to be filled with light, warmth, and hope, a wish sublime for women, because they live as long as there’s a breath of life.

All rights reserved
Cali, Colombia

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