Olfa Philo (Drid)


Olfa Philo (Drid)

Olfa Philo (Drid) is an engagé writer from Tunisia and holds a PhD in American Literature. A former international volleyball player, she is currently an English teacher. Her cause as a poet is to voice the buried emotions and phobias of the oppressed and downtrodden, as well as to unmask and expose hidden truths socially considered taboo or shameful. She is a female rebel at heart who wages war against injustice, marginalization, intimidation, objectification, subjugation and violence against the « inferior », powerless and other « othered » groups. Her poems have appeared in many international anthologies of poetry and in different online and print literary journals worldwide, such as The Tanit Boat of Poetry, The Poet Sanctuary, The Voices Project, The Sirens Call Ezine, The HyperTexts Journal, Taj Mahal Review, The Recusant Review, S/Tick Review, The Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry Review, Conclave: Journal of Character, Wordgathering, The Eastern World Newspaper, The World Poets Quarterly and MeArteKa. Some of her poems have been translated into Arabic, Serbian, Chinese, Albanian and Assamese. Thus far, Olfa Philo has published a play entitled Sublime Revenge and a collection of poetry entitled (Un)jailed.





As one reads Olfa Philo’s first collection of poems, (Un) jailed, one instantly recalls Dylan Thomas’s refrain, ” Rage, rage against the dying of the light” in his famous villanelle, “Do not go gentle into that good night”. It is against the dying of that light that Olfa writes. Writing for her is an act of resistance, survival and empowerment. The world needs such a poetry that restores the light to people, a light that is endlessly dimmed by different forces which seek to spread fear in the hearts of people.




Mystery is an outstanding lady who is afflicted by witchcraft by some evildoers. After experiencing immense losses, displacement, dispossession and depressions caused by this evil practice, she rises from ashes and resolves to avenge herself but in a smart and sublime way; that is by unveiling the often ignored secrets of ‘Diabology’ to Adam and Eve so that they would remain vigilant and not fall prey to devils and evildoers. She points out that the Holy Book is humankind’s sole path to salvation.

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