Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary


Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary
I always nurture with rapture
Predominant patriotic fervour
Fairly felicitous feelings favour
The nourishment of our power
Sixty seven years of our growth
Shows strikingly splendid path
We have treaded with strength
For glorious progress at length
We should preserve our freedom
Enhancing our power of wisdom
Resplendent result of martyrdom
Never reflects the work at random
Our republic should serve people
Let lake of progress make a ripple
Wiping flowing tears from all eyes
Let us be ready for noble sacrifice
@ Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
I convey my cordial greetings to Mr.Maram Venkata Gona Reddy on the auspicious occasion of his sixty first birthday today. He is a world leader of teacher organisations. He has been vitalising the functioning of many organisations for almost four decades. His splendid success as a unique leader has won him laurels. He has been spending his post-retirement life rendering remarkable service as the C. E.O.of Nalgonda Sandbox for two years. I have penned this poem depicting his tremendous traits deserving praise.
Sixty springs have marched with mirth
Cuckoos pour forth melody on your birth
All peacocks perform a delightful dance
Glistening grandeur has its gleeful glance
You scintillating smiles bespeak splendour
Intensifying in fellow human beings wonder
Loyal leading exemplifies luminous loftiness
Your genuine heart has nourished loveliness
You are the final friend of all and a foe to none
You are always as radiant as the splendid sun
The world sees you as the leader of teachers
Guiding devoted teachers for many more years
The Almighty’s gorgeous gift of sound health
Ushers in enrichment of your wisdom’s wealth
You share with all the wealth without stealth
The health of this system is all your wealth
@ Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
Date :26-01-2017
With my worded wonder
I intend to create a picture
Of Mother India in splendour
I feel the touch on my shoulder
Of a person groaning in squalor
How can I evade his presence
Pageant goes on in his absence
The fair son of Mother India
Is certainly the pride of India
I wonder why he is not smiling
When Mother India shining
I am engrossed in thinking
As many things are stinking
Do we shut our eyes to reality
As rancour shows its cruelty
We stay away from squalor
We often resort to plunder
Penury results from greed
Resulting in nagging need
Is a pageant very pleasant
As events are unpleasant
Realities are repugnant
These are sons of nature
Vital part of human nature
Always clad in nature’s ecstasy
When we are clad in hypocrisy
Mother India sheds tears
For poor sons with fears
Egoism shows our avarice
Fuelling all forms of malice
Let us wipe tears of the poor
Healing woeful wounds sore
Let us all embrace altruism
Paving the way for optimism
Turn all squalor into splendour
Creating in the world rare wonder
Then we find Mother India smiling
Then we notice her glory shining
All of us will be the pride of India
Enriching ecstasy of Mother India
@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
As the sun descends in the west
The day wraps up things for rest
Twilight signals the dawn of night
Lovely birds fly to nests for delight
Lustrous lips seek wondrous warmth
Kissing cheeks with striking strength
A breath indicates passion’s.breadth
The wrinkle shows the smile’s length
Couple entwined in elegant embrace
Enhance romance’s gorgeous grace
churning emotions for nectar’s trace
Searching for love’s splendid space
The whole world is lovers’ paradise
With ecstasy’s enormous enterprise
@ Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
When you wear the crown
You are gorgeously grown
Remove any pricking thorn
To keep all the glory untorn
When you fascinate honour
You discern some dishonour
You nourish your demeanour
To drive away misdemeanour
Resplendent realities are stark
Final facts are kept in the dark
Illustrious image has a shadow
Joy can not live without sorrow
We should maintain equanimity
To widen realm of magnanimity
The world craves for generosity
For sound survival of humanity
@ Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
My wondrous words carve your sculpture
My brush of emotion paints your picture
Your buoyant blush enriches your rapture
My dancing dreams weave your structure
Elegance in enormity is ecstasy in eternity
Endurance in clarity is eminence in plenty
Eloquence in charm is emergence in purity
Existence in reality is the essence in vitality
Loveliness speaks volumes of liveliness
Living in loveliness leads to cheerfulness
Stressful thinking strains our sprightliness
Let us live with tremendous togetherness
Splendid smiles symbolise sincerity
Genuine joy is the source of longevity
Wealth of wisdom indicates cordiality
Nobility of mind signifies magnanimity
@ Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
Now I have grown old
I am boundlessly bold
Never play with the old
They are genuine gold
I observe joy and sorrow
A foreview of tomorrow
Can make thinner sorrow
Joy can never be narrow
As my youth was in bloom
Singing glory was in boom
Songs of the folk in stream
Enhanced my glory’s gleam
Days gone by were spent well
Without sorrow’s show of hell
I now hear grinding grief’s bell
My great joy sounds its knell
We often think we are savvy
When hearts burn with envy
Our thoughts rise above evil
To drive away dreadful devil
Let us glorify all our thinking
Eliminating all ideas stinking
We can build all glory striking
With endeavours to our liking
@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
Since my birth I have a splendid story
I am never a buyer of counterfeit glory
I treat my mother as Goddess of poetry
Offering her all peerless pearls of poetry
You burn me alive with all assumptions
You bury my ashes with presumptions
My serious illness is a pathetic story
Preventing me from seeking any glory
I never befriend a venomous snake
Knowing. that my life will be at stake
I can never dwell well with a scorpion
Stinging me with tail to keep me in pain
You crucify me as a Christ with malice
You always hate me out of cowardice
A fair friend speaks all words of solace
To comfort a man in the bed with grace
All fair friends have their finally fair say
They always assure us of their sure stay
@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved

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