Poems by Hasmukh Mehta

Poems by Hasmukh Mehta
Real human orientation
Positive thinking with straight approach
and as such
she is known as firm viewer and poetess
she has insight with powerful presentation on face
English women are known for their broader angle
and present their pleasure/displeasure to the people
who are in literary field and assert boldly
with the equal sharing of plight humanly
many people take their frankness with that of acceptance
claim the individual possession and try to have chance
they angry reaction when face with stiff opposition
and spoil then close relation
Poetry is such field
where you held the sway
with the powerful presentation
and show the real human orientation
she is inclined more toward Asia
then to European countries or America
“World is same with painful scenes”
real feeling has to be experienced and seen
the poetry brings people together
with the spread of fervor
she has the vision with human angle
and that becomes her tool to acquaint with the people
Courtesy : Angela Gurung
Make no noise
It is natural process
that provides you an access
to see the things self and assess
how can you find the trace?
everything is useful around
peace is always found
beautiful objects grow on ground
it seems everything is objective and sound
earth provides place
for mushrooming all the races
animals and birds grow in abundance
everybody has been provided with the chance
whoever has come on earth
it has to face the death
some go silently
and some make it loudly
make no noise
give promise
that you shall grow silently
live with peace and act divinely.

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