Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



I pray to thee
for humanity ,
inner beauty ,
Wonderful treaty
Peaceful city
Love and glow
Generosity flow
As the wind blow
Pure water
Superb integrity
Dancing soul
For your divine music ,
Rhythm and rhyme
Heart touching pearls
And valuable line
Holy wine ,real shine
As you hold hands mine



How do we be silent ?
When our city is in the jaws of fire
Corpses are scattered to and fro
Oh God ! Shouldn’t we think about peaceful coexistence ?

Stop Anti national activities
Loss of property
And valuable beauty
My heart weep for my nation

Tears demand peace
It’s my Mystic soul appeal
For all sorts of heal
Can’t steel heart melt ?

Lips are dried ,lost lovely smile
Have only one passion
God save my nation.

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