Poems by Myriam Ghezaïl Ben brahim

Poems by Myriam Ghezaïl Ben brahim


A rain of poetry

When a rain of poems falls,
It’s a bohemian weather,
It’s rain lace.
She’s cheating on boredom, dissolves worries.
The tears that flow,
She wipe them.
Grey or blue, time, no one cares,
As long as we read poetry.
Time suspended its flight,
The hours become frivolous,
And a crazy joy
Invade Our hearts.
It’s called happiness
No rush
Is worth such a delight,
When our blessed poetry
Took the place of the rain master…
I’m lurk every morning
To know the wind where it comes from.
If it’s hot and flower Jasmine,
I’ll know it’s from Tunisia.
To my heart, he will sing,
A sweet poetry that will please me…
She will bring me closer to the hearts that live in me…



I understood that appearance is a story that will go away overnight.
I understand there are priorities in life.
I understood that we are nothing on earth, that in a second everything can flow, nothing is eternal.
That every second is taken from our life credit.
That the people we meet are not necessarily our friends.
I understood that regrets are no longer useful when death comes to you.
I understood that in life you don’t always have what you want.
I understood that happiness, we don’t find it, we do it.
That we have to help others without waiting for a thank you in return.
I understood that it is not necessary to have a lot of people around you because a person can fill everything.
I understood that there are principles that even all the forces in the world will not be enough to corrupt.
I understand you don’t have to wait a lot of time to confess your feelings.
I understand you don’t have much to share a little.
What hurt people was wrong.
I understood that without patience, hope, courage and will, we can’t get anywhere.
I understand there are no roses without thorns.
I understood that we don’t recognize the highlights of our lives at the moment we’re living them.
I understood that you must first discover hate before love, to be able to take a step back on the present moment.
I understood that a problem is never synonymous with failure.
And yes I understood that nothing happens for nothing and that the important thing is what’s in the heart…



Attention is the most rare and purest form of generosity.
I want to be with the one who makes me laugh, the one who makes me want to smile.
Be the one he thinks of, be more than a great love,
Be the one he wants to see, be the one that fills a lack he might have.
Be the one he thinks to make me happy.
Be the one he’ll never want to stop loving.
Be the one who shares all life with him.
Be the one who will love him morning and night.
Be the one he’ll miss when he’s not here.
Be with him for our life of joy…



In a world that becomes virtual, feelings get lost.
We create emotions hidden behind a screen.
It’s easy to say I love you, without seeing the person.
Secrets Flow, telling truths to strangers.
Imagination takes over, realities that no longer exist.
Acts are lost and have no room.
No matter the distance and the weather outside,
No need to deprive yourself, no need to move.
The most beautiful exchange is that of the look, the one that is not found in this modern world.
The first seconds are the ones that will last a lifetime.
We subtracted emotion, laughter, heat, sweetness….
We rely on words, without value.
We imagine a world, a life, and you believe in it more than anything.
But reality is here, real.
Love can’t be virtual.
How to take your hand, have a coffee in the morning?
Listen to a laugh, discover a smile?
Pull up the sheet that slides slowly?
Drop off all the kisses we want to drop…

© Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim

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