Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu
Says…you should also LOVE
The most beautiful space
inside a modest house
seated on the silk couch
as the real tower
embraces the Noble Lady
with crystal love yard paves.
Madam, synonym for mother, nature of kindness
lady who radiates kinship
shines as the blessed day
awaken are descendants
boy, and the young pure-heart young-lady
radiates wisdom
inherited by noble grand-parents
wandering the paths to offer helping hand
nearby are needy, orphans, homeless
facing them smiling
tending to crown poor
beings of this cruel world
they do flare light of love
knowing continuously
are being embraced with the divine angels arms.
WALK ME towards the beauty of the WORLD
Walk me towards the life richness
to feel the majesty of the waterfalls
enjoy the iceberg of the arctic
taste love and lust of beauty
intertwined in its grace
promise me
to see the sea of daffodils
lovers of Eden garden, The Bohemian Icon
meet clouds filled with angels
co-live with the shadows of our ancestors
do lead me, please to the mountains of eagles
far from human eyes
to enter into the magic views, be able to see heavenly splendors.
Associate me towards the continent hidden under seas
inhabited by underwater flowers
the rich idyllic world
dreamers of the charm
described by poets, poetess, artists
show me hidden chrysanthemum channels
source of passion, the padlock bridge at alley of love
help me to offer helping hand to greenery
step in an unexplored landscapes
ascend the aquatic world stars
fondle the infinite magic of universes.

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