Vision / Poem by Vasilka Petrova Hadjipapa

Poem by Vasilka Petrova Hadjipapa
At dusk’s fall I tied down
under the walnut tree in the yard
the horses of thoughts.
The sky sunk.
And from it fell dead
Flocks of black birds.
The python of our home – fear,
huddled itself underneath
our bed.
Blazing in a red flame
the threshold of the house now lies.
I sweep from the floor
blue and brown
that have accumulated.
Under the floorboards I hid
sunfall and sunrise.
With sharp scissors
I sliced
the voices of expectations.
And then
Still I heard
someone crying in the darkness.
On the window –
like a pounding heart –
a wounded sparrow
was beating itself
against the pane.

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