Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
Good Guys
In the morning rays,,,
Life gets up to enjoy …
Birds fly together…
Herds graze in grassland,
Flocks hover in hordes,
Kids cry in towels…
And the wild beast howls ….
Life sings melody . ..
Either rahapsody or melancholy..
Either smooth or tough,
With jollification or rough,
Guys stand strong….
Their veins swell same song…
That never goes wrong…
That never goes wrong…
Guys do live with love,
And make eternal vow,
For drinking happiness,
And tucking hardness….
Always and forever…
Always and forever…
Guys never leave domain to remain..
To see curly hair dance in romance,
Upon morning dews,,,
With petaling views,,
Let the life be safely share,
Make sure,
Make sure,,,
There is the breeze in hair,
Lovely, lofty and fairly fair,
Like horse riding in open air,
On the back of mellow mare,
What a dare!
Guys intimately near…
Without fear in human eyes ..
The moon does rise in darkness,
Eternal and always,,,
Guys stand good..
In merry mood….
Like deary sweet dove,,
Wonderfully wow,,,,
Guys are tithered in ties of soul,
With regards to rule over the whole cosmos ..
As the moss upon stones …
Deep emotions
Things touch the tops of mountains,
Crawling onto the stony track,,
Clinging to to hard hilly terrain,
Efforts never go vain,
Channels led to the main…
A man must realise potential in pain…
Let us frame the fragrant lane,,,
Let us break the hindering chain…
Without loss or gain,,
With ecclesiastical endorsement, we can….
With regards for all creatures,
With award for all cultures and colours,
For shaping and making futures,
Relating to the moon,
Concerning to the earth,
Love needs to reign,
Without any feign,
Peace needs to cover,
With scent of shower..
A man is lover,,,,,
With deep emotions…
No worries more…..
No borders stay before me,,,
I do conquer the chateaus,
No barriers hinder my way,
I am stronger than mountains,
No waters stop my emotions,
I am gladly looking for loftiness,,
No colors waver my aisle,
I am colorless cool breeze,
No cultures confuse my feelings,
I am global mantle of affection,
No worries visit again…
I am love coming from above…
Copyright@Dost Muhammad Rajper

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