Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
Today I live
I can think, feel, touch.
This is my eternity.
For as one thought flows into another
As one day blends into the next.
You are special
You are special
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
V-is for vigorous ,you inspire others
A-is for angelic, you have a kind heart
S-is for sincere, a worthy friend
I-is for independent ,you find your own way
L-is for lovable ,a soul of gold
E-is for elegant of refines style
VASILE you are special
I love you
You love me?
So long silent…
Unrequited love
I sit
As I sit with an empty soul,
not sad,
not glad but pissed,
thinking back on happier times
when those who are gone hugged
your heart
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
Your heart is work of Art.
You are extremely wonderful.
I am glad I meet yo
no title
Red and grey poppies
explode with fresh spring colors,
invading my yard.
Your lyrical soul
Killed the unhappiness in
My heart
i am so glad
your steaming hot and beautiful lips
filled with passion
day by day
I am so glad that i meet you
my heart beats
My heart beats different
My heart skips and then beats normal
When your here its alright
When your gone its not alright
When I am bored you play with me.
When I am itchy you scratch me.
When I am hungry you feed me.
When I am lonely you hold me.
When I am hurting you fix me.
so cold
so hard without you –
I shiver
so cold without you –
black dog sleeps near my feet
colorless without you –
i cry like a child

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