Lily Swarn, author of spiritual turmoil and the spirit of literary postmodernism / Tribute by Agron Shele poet, writer

Lily Swarn, author of spiritual turmoil and the spirit of literary postmodernism.
The poetic volume “RIPPLING MOONBEAMS” is the newest book by the author Lily Swarn, which comes in this volume with a complete configuration and comprehensive theme. Free verse structures and hermetic forms affect the whole living environment, mainly that of effort and harmony for a free society (Maimed limbs can not bring joy), reliance on tradition as identity and culture (SHIV SHAKTI), other lyrical forms as love and human feeling (Valentine), the conception of death as beyond – life that returns and looks from another world (Death) and the very definition of individualism, ie existentialism (Was it me?).
The poetry of this author is already known, as it has been published in many anthologies and magazines, as well as in her first book ,A Trellis of Ecstasy, so all its subjectivity is focused on performance and findings to intrigue the reader as much as possible. Through the forms and space created, she knows how to naturalize the spiritual elements with the natural ones, to harmonize the feelings and to present the living picture of life, where every color has a light and shade, over which we can penetrate and understand our knowledge and ignorance.
In her art you often encounter laconic forms and the twisting of verses, rhythm and expressive power, musicality and sudden endings, which come as the fluency of a soul and the created muse. The simplicity with which it operates to express a vision, give a message, or ideas with the word as product and meanings as mindset, make it more coherent but also more attentive to what it represents.
I will not dwell on the ideo-artistic breakdown of particular poems, as the reader will have it in hand and the discussion would become equivalent, but I should emphasize that in all this artistic flow appears the postmodern mode, as a continuation of the constellation of creators who leave their mark on contemporary literature today.
Lily Swarn is one of those authors who raised her art above spiritual turmoil, transformed it into spirit and so will always travel between today and tomorrow, as a free spirit and creativity of a world that always wanders the depths of dusk, just as many times reborn with the whiteness of dawn.
Tribute by Agron Shele poet, writer

Lily Swarn

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