Tatiana Gritsan-Chonka (Ukraine)

Tatiana Gritsan-Chonka (Ukraine)
Ukrainian writer, born in Transcarpathia, writes in Ukrainian and Russian. Author of 10 collections of poetry and an essay novel “Living Doors, or I am a ripe Apple of the Ages. I am a Woman”,
nominee for the Matsuo Basho International Medal Competition (2016),
winner of the international multilevel competition named after de Richelieu season – 2018, Emerald Duke,
Laureate of the International Literary and Artistic Prize. Panteleimon Kulish for 2020 for the book
“Living Doors, or I am the ripe Apple of the Ages. I am a Woman” and other competitions.
The works “Carving in Space” and “Bio-God” are published in the textbook “Modern Ukrainian
literature of the native land “for 5-7 classes of secondary school
Carving in space
The boy draws.
The shadow of the sky is blue,
The shade of the grass is green
The shadow of the sun is golden.
November is the shadow of the light maple.
The pigeon is bathing
In the Bosphorus.
His pupils are ringing
Green galaxy.
Dawn looks into my soul.
The soul will expand
To the bottom.
Let me be reborn
in the Spring.
Under the ritual
Dance of space
I carry a hotel
Mother Earth.
What she gave
I bring it as a gift
What he will give to the world
You later. Fire.
And the wilds come out
From the shores
And dissolve
They have. Autumn.
Magnolias of roads.
One and the Legion
One is not so much.
When an artist
Time will want
And replace everyday life with a holiday.
And the legion – in an instant.
Wrestler one – when enlightened –
This is more than one.
It dissolves
Year shifts
Connects time.
He is the son of the universe.
Such bright inscriptions
Such clear pictures.
This is the one who walks down the street
The little boy
In the likeness
Red-haired turns –
Sunflowers – heads
Prophecies are obstinate.
Red sun
Ginger cat,
Red wind
Red dream
Red yellow
Ripe yolk,
Blonde Neoforms.
Sunflowers …
Asleep by fate
Dawn of years – the ozone of Love.
You should find charms –
No you couldn’t
Change the direction of fate.
The stream floats in the waters
With dried black dots,
Consecrates the 40-day light.
Nourishes with seeds
Bull of Saints
Green Dimensions Body –
In black
The land of juice is the spirit.
And only that bears the name
True Blood,
That fills with life
Where is BIO on the horizon.
God of Love.

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