Peter Andrej (Slovenia)

Peter Andrej (Slovenia)
– poet and singer, musician and music producer.
He started performing in the 1980s as a member of the legendary Lauženki iz nahkasla, which performed the mixture of musical ballads and parodies around Styria.
This was followed by his independent musical and literary path.
So far he has published 15 music albums
He made the music for the poems of Eluard, FG Lorca, Brecht, Župančič, Erika Vouk, Novak, B. Suburb, Šteger and many others. As a poet and singer-song writer he performed on Slovenian stages: Lent, Cankarjev dom, Borštnikovo, KUD France Prešeren… His music and poetry was also presented and performed on stages abroad: inTrieste, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Palma de Mallorca …
Poetry, theater and children:
• Peter Andrej “Rože za F”, musical show (LENT 2008, Borštnikovo srečanje 2008); author of drama, most of songs and music. Production Club KU-KU, Cultural Club Nomadi and CEZAM, 2008.
• Peter Andrej “Jezernik, povodni mož iz Črnega jezera”, puppet show; author of drama, songs and music. Production Club KU-KU, Cultural Club Nomadi, 2007.
• Peter Andrej “Rege in žabje frke”, Musical for children; is the author of drama texts, songs and music, the production of KU-KU Club, Nomadi and Cezam Cultural Club, 2009.
• Peter Andrej »Romeo and Julia«, a youth musical based on W. Shakespeare’s motives; author of drama, songs and music. Production Club KU-KU, Cultural Club Nomadi and CEZAM, 2010.
• Peter Andrej “Rastem do tebe”, musical for children based on the motives of Mojca Andrej’s poetry collection; author of drama, songs and music. Production Club KU-KU, Cultural Club Nomadi and CEZAM, 2014.
• Peter Andrej “Rege ali žabje frke” a book of stories and songs for children. Club KU-KU, 2015
• Musical “Mali princ” motives of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, script and song by Cvetka Bevc, Peter Andrej music and songs. Production Club KU-KU, Glazerjeva domačija and CEZAM, 2017.
• Peter Andrej, Mojca Andrej; “Ko Jan zleze v knjigo,” illustrated story with co-author, illustrator Kaja Lukač, Club of Cultural Creators KU KU, Glazerjeva domačija, 2017.
• Peter Andrej, “Skozi zvočni zid” a book of poems, LITER, 2018 (in the press)
• • “Neretvan serenity”, anthology of poetry 2012-2017, Club of Cultural Creators KU KU, 2018; co-editor with Dino Porović and Tamara Čapelj
• Co-author of the book / picture book »Agica, mala čarovnica« / Agica, the little witch”, Mojca Andrej and Darko Erdelji, LITERA publishing house and Klub KU KU, 2019
• • Editor of the book “United States of Poetry / Janko Glazer in Translation”, double book of poetic translations, KU-KU Club and Glazer Homestead, 2020
Production work:
• Since 2003 he is the producer of the songwriters Kantfest International Festival of Contemporary Art which connects and represents the domestic and foreign singer-song writer scene. He is also the producer of 18 records and represents the entire production of the festival.
• Since 2008 he is the producer of the Pohorje Fairy Tales Festival who explores fairy-tale heritage in connection with nature.
• He is producer of the International poetic meeting of the United States of Poetry /Združene države poezije (14 years) and producer of a literary festival Glazer Days /Glazerjevi dnevi (12 years).
Dear citizens, clients, VIPs!
We have gathered here today… to laugh.
Those who won’t laugh shall not be a part of our company!
It’s necessary to open your eyes as soon as possible, pardon – your mouth!
People want to laugh!
Don’t you mention suffering to them.
People want simplicity!
They don’t want complexities!
People want to be vivacious, cheerful, curved and happy!
What’s wrong with that?
I’m a HA-HA-MAN from HA-HA-LAND!
A HA-HA-HA-HA is my mission,
I have been sent from far, far away just for you
to take you to HA-HA-LAND!
Let’s go, let’s go!
Let’s open our eyes, and pout our lips!
Let’s rub our palms against our facial muscles,
spread our lips with our fingers
and wheeze: HA!
Right leg forward!
Let’s dance!
HA-HA-HA! Fantastic!
Come on!
Let’s massage our cheeks using circular movements,
spread our skin to the ears
and shout: HA-HA!
Left leg forward!
Let’s dance!
I’m a HA-HA-MAN from HA-HA-LAND!
A HA-HA-HA-HA is my mission,
I have been sent from fa, far away just for you
to take you to HA-HA-LAND!
We’ll be right back after commercials!
You have to be funny!
Funny means money!
Money means power!
Power means golden shower!
In the last session, we’ll determine the state we’ve reached.
And we’ll transform our ha-ha-ing into a serious laugh
and roar. Roaring is, as it is commonly known, crucial
to relax all the abdominal muscles, plus it even strengthens the chest,
the thighs and the family ties.
We jump to the rhythm of AlpenJodlKühltajč *
with both our legs
HA-HA-HA, right leg! HE-HE-HE, left leg!
HI-HI-HI, arabesque! HO-HO-HO, splits!
Right, left!
Bravo, distinguished civilians, clients, VIPs!
We laughed, we even roared,
we collided with the festive universe.
In the last stage, we extracted ourselves from the cares
and got into a state of complete carelessness!
Many think one should only open their heart, but they are wrong!
You should open your mouth, so your thighs
would vibrate in the rustle of the universe’s joy!
I’m a HA-HA-MAN from HA-HA-LAND!
A HA-HA-HA-HA is my mission,
I have been sent from far far away just for you
to take you to HA-HA-LAND!
©Translated from Macedonian into English by: Elena Prendjova
who knows where we’re drifting,
you and I,
two clouds away, away in the sky,
a hot wind carries me,
you a wave so tall,
give me your hand,
in the cool astral
below us a river opens
the earth cracks and explodes, poka,
it’s slowly turning into charcoal
and no one can get across
not stone to stone
not water to water
not mouth to mouth
not you to me… give me your hand
come on, let’s cross
Let’s rain…
into the dry mouths of dusty streets
upon the blackened embers of the great metropolis…
Let’s rain…
into an unmapped desert
onto rusty dandelion blooms
our skin, our eyes…
the Titans are already coming
I hear their laugh,
give me your hand
come on, let’s cross
Let’s rain…
we patter down on leaves of thistle
across pale old facades,
along the avenues where neon sleeps,
onto the umbrellas of lovers
on the aroma of fresh bread the bakery
let’s rain…
When I can’t find my way to you,
and you can’t find your way to me,
may the fire whsiper at least a word
from our parched lips.
Let’s rain,
all the days and nights,
without stopping
until the last rivulet has fallen
let’s send the last drop into the world
until it’s drenched through
come one, the night is offering us its palm,
so that we can pour into it
the two of us
©Translated from Slovenian into English: Erica Johnson Debeljak
through the sound wall
into the heart of the sun
a thought is flying away from the images
in the soundless bang body melts
buds of the apricot tree a child crying
through the sound wall
the longing burns
the bubbling of memory magma of words
screams of horror in screams of passion
all is burning in a blue flame
let go forget
the souls who are here to faithfully serve only one purpose
let go forget
images of a mirror in a mirror evading the real name
through the sound wall
a wave from the sandy beach disappears
a line on the horizon disappears
a dot in a dot
a hole in a picture
pulsating in orange
unbearable innocence
©Translated from Slovenian into English: Katarina Juvančič
he disappeared …
disappeared, the magician …
he, who puts a spell on the bunnies
from the blue hat
disappeared, the bunnies,
cute and soft,
jumping in front of
the hunter’s gun
with merciful eyes
leaving us in tears
and in the flow of our madness
the traces lead nowhere
the one who doesn’t follow the ray of light
shall become ashes
when passing by
he disappeared … a magician …
©Translated from Macedonian into English: Elena Prendjova

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