Darija Žilić (Croatia)

Darija Žilić (Croatia)
Darija Žilić is a poet, literary critic, translator, moderator, born in Zagreb in 1972. She graduated in comparative literature and history from the University of Zagreb. Her published works: 15 books, includes Breasts and Strawberries (poetry, 2005), To Write in Milk (Essays on Contemporary Poetry, 2008), Muse outside Ghetto: Essays on Contemporary Literature (Julije Benešić award for the best book by critics in Croatia in 2012), Nomads and hybrids: Essays on Contemporary Literature and Film (2010), Parallel Gardens: Interviews with Theorists, Writers and Activists (2010), Tropics: Critics about Contemporary Poetry (2011), Dance, Modesty, Dance (Kiklop award for the best poetry book in 2010 in Croatia), Omara (prose, 2012) and Tropics 2: critics about poetry, prose and society (2014.), Sarajevo fragments (prose, 2020.)Fingers and prairie (poetry (2021), „From the edges od ecran“ (poetry in prose, 2021.)… She got award Orpheus for poetry in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and her poetry is translated on many languages. She is participant of many festivals (USA, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Iran, ex you states…)
Dance, Modesty, Dance!
Dance, Modesty, dance,
the years of the pink concentration camp are behind you
long, lonely walks on the city’s margins
and a thousand summers of books strewn across beds.
Take only a teacup to your sailboat
binoculars, and the aid that erases
every surfeit memory along the way.
Shadowed by the agave that grows on the boat
through long nights out in the open, listen to
the world’s sounds die away.
You found the love of your life
and is there greater joy, than when in thought he descends
on you at any time of day, and no-one sees him!
After the Holidays
How I love the taste of broccoli and cauliflower soup
after the meaty meals of pagan
days now behind us.
Believers can smoke in the street again,
again kids can eat chocolate,
crooners whistle Dixie and everything’s
back “just like it was.”
What’s this denial everyone’s talking about?
What punishments do they ready for our bodies?
Just a lack of joy, emptyish lives,
hairless bobby-pins and small elations.
Your body is worthy of God’s gaze,
and the thoughts ambling through my head
have taken flight again and turn us
into mini-gherkins.
The Future is Bright!
I mean from today into tomorrow.
A to-buy note says: tunafish,
the screensaver holds a picture
of a flower in water.
The future is bright, said
the famous athlete, and then she added—
live in the now, and only think

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