DEVDOOT THE ANGEL (An excerpt from canto-3 of epic poem) – Sudhakar GAIDHANI (India) / Translated from Marathi by VISHWAS VAIDYA ( India)

(An excerpt from canto-3 of epic poem)
We have been watching
affectionate species of peacocks
born in the soil starved of carnal bliss
unfurling their divine plumes
(so dear to Lord Krishna)
in a skyful of glory…..
Dancing sometimes
to the traditional tunes
of the divine rhythm
and bewitching the whole universe
with their own dancing vibes..
while some other time through
a thundering rhythm of clouds
aching to unleash torrential downpour
dancing like giant mountains of rain
treasuring an ocean of a young mist
melting into torrential rain-showers
We are watching even today
seafaring birds flaunting their wings
flocks after flocks
and a skyful of lightening
showering silver tinted flowers
dotting their aerial paths
as if conducting a romantic vigil….
So many times, we have witnessed
even the Creator of the galaxy
feeling smothered
in this rose-tinted din filled with fairytale frolic …..
And when it became unbearable
how He roared at the
this turmoil filled with holy frolic
through the bewitching dazzle of His eyes…….
As we were watching
we stumbled upon a chronic riddle
and were dumbfounded
as we struggled to unravel the same
Tell me, if an ocean was born
in the womb of earth
even before rivers arrived,
or did it rather grow wings as it was gazing at the sun?
When the mirror of the sea
was rocked with tumults
did the universe crackled with
rapidly spreading cracks?
Come on my innocent mind
stop racking your brain
and refrain from filling only your pockets
as you move along your journey
Come on gentle travelers,
let us proceed towards
surreal and free-spirited shadows
of an unknown planet
residing between the space and the time
which refuses to distinguish between
the heaven and the hell
Let us relax out limbs over there
and switch of the lamp of the pole star
so that we can peacefully close lids of our eyes!
Let us mortals put in a little more effort
and fill our beaks
with pieces of the seating sky
and bathe again and again
in the soul of the soil
accommodating ourselves
within it
The giant rain clouds,
like a flying ocean across the sky
generously empty their treasure of showers
before merrily vanishing with a sense of fulfilment
into eternity
Why deny their borrowed blessings
before we depart into mortality?
Clouds vanish
after tasting the pleasure of
an intimate union
but it is the soil really,
who is left alone to bear the
utter pain of the aftermath!
When one cycle is done,
she has to be looking forward eagerly
to the next one,
much like a smitten bride
Dear pilgrims,
take it easy
never mind that your feet
are blessed with the agility of a
Pushpak airship 1
Don’t you debate around
amount of distance covered
let the lumps of clouds ahead
first dissolve into the open grounds
filled with the wind
Never forget the way
in which a loving mother
pushes away her child for a moment
when its teeth pierce into her breast,
even the mother earth also
would chide us all…..
Note 1: the flying chariot used by Lord Rama to bring his wife Sita when he rescued her from the clutches of his adversary Ravana. The chariot really belonged to Ravana, which he originally used to kidnap Sita
This place is awake
let us rest our bodies here
and bake our bread
in the live pyre throbbing with simmering flames
in the corner ahead
Winged dreams from the earth too
doze off here for a while,
as they are tired after playing with
the earth’s reflected image
And as they wake-up from
their nap from the arms of a lotus
artfully weaving their nests
decked with the designs of gloriously shining constellations
around the golden wings of
buds of Brahma Kamal (Brahma’s Lotus) 1
blooming on the bank of the infinity
Then they cherish for a moment
the ecstasy filling their hearts
and suddenly vanish into
everchanging and fathomless sky
towards some unknown destination….
If possible, one needs to witness
this exotically fantastic event
at least once
then you would never really feel
the need of rituals and
festive traditions
Note 2 – Brahma Kamal (literally Brahma Lotus) is a flower which is found in India to South West China. The species of the flowering plant are known as Saussurea obvallata Which is a perennial growing plant up to a hight of to 1 ft.
On the contrary, one may have
a fleeting glimpse of all these wonders
lending a sense of completeness
to the essence of our life
I also fumbled through
countless and unfathomable objects
which were a mix of precious ones as well as
some worthless ones,
which were vanished
into the black hole of
past memories
Some of them continued floating on my memories
while others lapsed into oblivion
From those days a goblin like star
glowing brightly like a Kohinoor diamond
still merrily rises upon my universe
along the periphery of the fathomable and unfathomable
gloriously flaunting its intense brilliance
And then it enters a tiny dream
blooming on my inner mind
blossoming hugely
into a reflection of a universe
finally singing a merry song before
it makes a humble departure as it sets down
While playing with celestial playthings
like lively image of this playfully restless star,
I too joyfully treasure the playful
patches of silver light
in my lotus kurta
And at the same moment I turn into a “nano particle butterfly”
flying off from the nest of the infinite
towards the timeless sky
I expand my self
as I run-fly overtaking even the light
Even today my treasure is blessed
with a million such light patches
whose dream is tiny like the seed of a banyan tree
They repeatedly hide
as the darkness cannot tolerate them
Those of whom get restless
become the eyes of hellish nights
But the neutral ones become
exotic ambassadors of the day
and go ahead quite a bit
to roam around this elusive world.
In the evening however,
they return to their respective dots
without a single murmuring plaint….
Inside each one lies,
a skilful and scheming crafts-man
For some, he is unexpectedly
visible from a distance,
for others, he remains invisible even
to those who are near to him
Let the heart start sweating,
akin to our outer limbs
and let the cloud of emotions choking our breath,
be savoured thoroughly by our smiling tears
Afterall what else defines life,
if not a pair of foot-steps,
returning to their nest at dusk,
after sighing along struggle of the daily grind?
(The original Marathi Epic Poem consists of 5 cantos and 555 pages.)
Translated from Marathi by VISHWAS VAIDYA ( India)

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