Poems by Nalini Priyadarshni


Poems by Nalini Priyadarshni



Summer Sweetness


You make me sort

the flavors of my being

into portions

I place carefully

between your lips

on a sultry summer noon


you will relish

allness of me

inhale my piquancy

just as readily

as sweetness

that oozes out

to embrace

your heart



Food Fantasies in Moral Fabric


Let there be no ambiguity, for once and for all

what you put on your plate gets

interwoven tightly with your morality

and at times mortality too

along with what you don’t put on plate

pick and eat straight from your garden

forbidden fruit or Habushu

(Vegan isn’t always the best option)


Make no mistake when you

fast from dawn to dusk

or eat only Kosher or Sattvic

pick prime ribs or stick to tandoori chicken

sauté ganja in butter or bottom up your thandai

pop golgappa shots without spilling a drop

or mix your whiskey with cranberry juice


Eternal damnation or everlasting life

moksha or 72 houris

let there be no ambiguity

your piety depends on what goes down your throat


Or does it,




 Old Songs


Nothing ever dies

it only changes

into something else

like old songs

that blow gently

into new ears

to find new meanings


(These poems are part of Nalini Priyadarshni’s poetry collection, Doppelganger in my House)


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