Poems by Uche Chidozie Okorie


Poems by Uche Chidozie Okorie





Prepared in a momentSpiced up with smiles and green gesture

The aroma traveled from nasal express to heart’s basement

It was nutritious, when the body had its share of the rapture.

This time the cook lost in the road of sweet slumber

Fire overflows and burns the pot

Neighbours try to no avail for the handles are too hot

This delicacy burns like battlefield that saw off bomber.

Silence makes the smallest noise

Rejection takes refuge to the dump

Delicious love goes sour, hearts slump

For rottenness oozes and noses make their choice.

I hope your love can stand the taste of time

Most especially, ones cooked at your prime.


Uche Chidozie Okorie






We shall all fade away like dust

When the body retires to the ground to sleep

When the same mouth used to laugh will know weep

And all the golden moment bought will rust.

One day, it will not be like the other days

Hands will fold tight and faces wear masquerade

Hearts tremble and gestures take stylish ways

Planted gossips grow green about this comrade.

Then the daily boil and toil of man end

All problems acquired go down six feet

This is life and you know it my friend

The living in my place share the served drinks and meat.

It takes us hellish years to make life beautiful

It takes life one day to make us sorrowful.


Uche Chidozie Okorie



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