Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



Sleepless Lust

(Open to respectful comments and critiques)


It is three o’clock in the morning,
And there is only four of us awake.

You with a beautiful white dress,
The smiley moon and shiny stars.

And lastly me writing a collection of
Songs that makes everyone dance.

Hearing your words of wisdom have
Draw me into a rare taste of romance.

Just by thinking of you in the down,
It shuts down the doors of my miseries.

Crazy how much I love you and adore
The time when I wipe your kiss off my lips.

The moon has been telling me about you,
So the stars have created the bond of love.

Where your feelings brings me your sprite
With a fragrance and breeze to my heart.

I feel yearning when I see the tears of joys,
Falling from all the happy emotions tonight.

Yet my lips are still numb from kissing your
Pictures before you love me to be your man.

Call of work sick and whisper in the ear of love,
So I will tell you that I have been sleepless lust.

In my fantasies I hear no negative love words so
Come closer and allow me to tell you a secret???

Can I kiss you and fly when the sun goes down,
So I will dance with the doves in your two eyes.



My Funeral

(open to all respectful comments and critiques)


In the morning day of my funeral,
The candles will light clouds on.
With the color of a sorrowful man.

Nobody but my father and brothers,
Will wash my sins off my whole flesh,
My drunk spirit keep on drinking tears.

The Cancer awareness isn’t close to me,
Nor the death penalty will stop me from
My believes in the life of sweet paradise.

Unfortunately, I have made lots of friends,
None of them understand why I don’t weep,
But I smile like a orphan who dream of family.

I tried to make my poems more shorts but
I realize that my tears are dropping like the
Number of pages went drawing in my darkness.

The birds fly with bleeding wings to Baghdad,
Waiting for me to finish writing them a poem,
Asking them to forgive my unacceptable death.

I will not die by the choice of the evil satan, nor
By a request from the king of the death but I will
Die for my selflessness for protecting my family.

The women I loved are going to weep for a river,
The boys are going to get drunk till the morning,
The loyalty friends are going to cut my memories.

I hope nobody will give tears away to the guests,
I know for a while ago, that they are here lying to
Me, since I have never heard my name for good.

I left behind a woman with a faithful heavenly face,
She will hide my grave away from all of the humans,
And burn my wounds so the clouds drop my blood.



Your Flower Leaves

(open to all respectful comments and critiques)


Soon the winter will freeze all of our directions,
And the sun will raise more sorrows and miseries.

But on the day of your birthday it will be the joys,
So rest your spirit from noises and the city lighting.

Your eyes are the tales from the first time we date,
Your cheeks are the richest heavenly fruits of all time.

No more words, and not even a few long sentences,
Just enjoying the four seasons of your flower leaves.

Sometimes, I see you feeding the bee with a honey
Of your lips, my jealousy forces me to drink my tears.

The decisions of loving you was a promise I gladly
Made to a woman like you, trust me I still love you too.

Close your eyes and let the summer sea waves on,
Open your eyes and let me kiss the spring on your day.

Your flower leaves made me drunk for long periods,
Until I knew that I am the first to marry an angel like you.

Your Flower leaves created a new knight and lovers,
Protecting you from burning tears, and painful sickness.

I am humble and the first believer in my love to you,
Happy birthday and ask for your wishes to come true.

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