SONG OF A BROKEN HEART / Short storie by Diksha Sharma


Short storie by Diksha Sharma





At that Day, Shlok and I were sitting together having coffee, suddenly I found him lost in thoughts. I asked him, “What happened dear?” He just smiled and said, “Nothing di leave it.” But I found some pain in his eyes. I went near him and said, “Look Shlok I am like your sister. You can share your pain with me if you want. May it will give you some relief.”

He went silent and then said, “I’ll tell you the pain which I never shared with anyone.” He told me it was about 2 years ago.”

“See that Girl, Do you know her?” asked Shlok to his friend, while entering his coaching classes. “Yes, I know her. Her name is Anamika and she is intelligent and she always scores excellent marks in school tests” Replied Shlok’s friend. Shlok fell in love with Anamika, just when he saw her for the first time. After that he was thinking about her and wanted to become her friend.

One day, physics teacher was checking the notes of everyone in the class and he found out that the notes of Anamika were not complete. So he told her to get notes from Shlok and asked Shlok to help her in completing her notes. His friend told Shlok, “You are too lucky, as you are giving notes to the girl who has both, looks as well as brains”. Shlok smiled as he was too happy by thinking that he would finally talk to Anamika.

As the bell rang for the lunch break everyone went to the canteen but Shlok and Anamika stayed in the class. Shlok saw Anamika sitting and completing her notes so he thought to go and have a talk with her so he approached her. Shlok asked Anamika, “Can I sit here?” Anamika Replied, “Yes, sure, you can” Shlok replied and asked, “Thank you; Why are you not having lunch?” Anamika replied, “Because I’m not feeling hungry.” Shlok replied, “Ok, How are you?” Anamika said, “I’m good. By the way, I’ll give your notebook to you after completing my notes in 2 days” Shlok replied, “Okay, No problem.” Anamika said, “Thank you”.

Shlok searched her on a social site and he found her profile and sent her friend request which she accepted in 2 days. On the social site, Shlok and Anamika chatted daily. One day, Shlok asked Anamika, “Can you give me your phone number?” Anamika replied, “Sorry, I can’t as I don’t have my personal number as of now and I always use my mother’s number to talk.” Shlok replied, “It is okay, No problem”. They also started spending a lot time with each other, in class and on the social site.

They both didn’t notice when the classes came to an end. It was their last day to spend time together and they were upset as they became close friends with each other. But they decided that they will continue to talk on the social site. They started talking online every day a lot. A month passed by and one day Anamika gave her contact number to Shlok. Still Shlok continued to message her on the social site; but Anamika told Shlok to talk to her via phone, so Shlok agreed. After that day, they started talking via calls and messages whole day and night.

Abruptly, one night message service stopped so Anamika called him at 11 in the night and informed him that messages are not going. Anamika called Shlok next Morning and they talked with each other for an hour and this was a starting to Unlimited calls and messages and at this time only, Shlok realized that he started Loving Anamika.

One day, they both were talking and suddenly Shlok confessed his feelings to her and in return Anamika said that she does not have such feelings for him as of now. Shlok understood and said that he have some work so he’ll talk later with her. After that Shlok disconnect her call and cried in pain for hours. After this, their calls and sms got decreased. They just talked casually.

And so one day, Anamika confessed and told Shlok that she is in love with somebody else and that she have a boyfriend named Krish and said sorry to him for concealing this. So Shlok didn’t say anything, he rather asked about him, his conduct and nature to her, to which she told everything about him. He felt in his heart that, Krish is not a good guy and he was sure that he’ll going to betray her one day. Shlok told his feeling to Anamika, but Anamika ignored this talk and changed the topic.

One day, Anamika called Shlok and told him, “yaar you were right, Krish betrayed me, but I loved him a lot.” Shlok asked, “What happened?” Anamika Replied, “He told me that his mother read all the conversation we had on phone so he can’t be in a relationship anymore.” Shlok told Anamika, “I advised you before only and tried to make you understand that he will betray you but you only ignored.” Anamika replied, “I’ve promised myself that I’ll never come into a relationship again.” And she disconnected the call. Their talks decreased a lot now.

One day, Anamika sent him the sms saying that she again patched up with Krish. Shlok became angry about this by thinking that she is with the wrong guy, she don’t know about these type of guys as she is too innocent and he tried to make  her understand this but in vain, she ignored all of this. After that, Shlok didn’t talk to her for a month, but one day she called him and said, “Krish betrayed me and he told me today that he is in relationship with another girl and did break up with me.”

Shlok was intelligent, but he was a passionate singer, but his dad, brother and his mother always denied it to him to make it as a career. He was attached to his mother and shared everything with her. Anamika was a girl having brains and looks, Anamika had a younger sister, mother and dad. She was too much attached to her dad. To her, her dad was a Rockstar.

One day, Anamika came to his town to meet him with her friend and they spent lots of time together. They hugged each other and Shlok said to her, “I love you yaar. To which she smiled and replied, “I love you too yaar.” In the evening, she left for her home. He was too happy that Anamika just came to his place to meet him. After that, they just talked on the social site a lot. At night, they talked on Phone for several hours.

Another year passed, Shlok decided that he will get her in his life anyhow. So he decided that he will write a song and will going to dedicate her and after that he will go to propose her for the last time. He did all hard work and took help from his musician friends and wrote a love song for her.

The D-Day came, he sent the song, collage of her pictures via e-mail. After sending, he called her and told her, “I write and sing songs just for you and they all are dedicated to you. I really do love you a lot. In these years, my love for you just got deeper and madder. You are my sunshine; my day starts from seeing you. I can’t see you in pain, I will keep you happy forever. Be mine forever?” Anamika replied, “I don’t have feelings for you.” Shlok said, “OK Fine yaar. Don’t talk to me on the phone because I can’t be your friend anymore. I really love you. After that day, Anamika and Shlok never talked to each other.

He has pain in his heart, He really loved her, but he doesn’t interfere anymore in her life because he wants her to be happy in her life. He did all hard work and focused on his songs. He wrote and sung many songs. Today, he has some Fans like me who like his songs which shows that he have a pain in his heart. His Parents, now too don’t encourage for his music.

He says to me, “I loved and will love Anamika forever. She is in my heart and soul. I wrote this, but Shlok is in same pain, but then too, he doesn’t show it to people as he believes and has faith in making people happy. He is Popular and have made his own band and he just loves his passion after Anamika.

Anamika is happy; she now too doesn’t have any feeling for him. Shlok is waiting that may be Anamika would come into his life forever, but he also knows somewhere that she will never come into his life. He has pain that much that he can’t describe it to anyone but hopes that Anamika would accept and realize his love in her Heart.



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