Poems by Bam Dev Sharma


Poems by Bam Dev Sharma





I guess
Our hearts are
Like meadows
Where luscious grass
Of hopes
And dry grass of despair
Abound ruffling with wind.

When the meadow turns dry
It waits for joyful spring
We too wait for love
To pat our back
Relying on
Resolve of easterly breeze
Communicating spirited whispers
Like mellifluous bees
Revolving around the hive
In the myriads of muse .

Like the earth’s profound silence
Distinct sounds of hopes
And coy rays of love
Transit through
High hills of dismay and agonies
Swinging and galloping
For eternal confluence !


By Bam Dev Sharma





Like climbers
We clamber like creepers
With ego and pride
And feel indulged
To topple gleaming acme
Above us
Full of vibrant light
As a thirsty deer
Chasing water
In the desperate desert.

In all this ascending jolt
We become
Nothing but walking machine
Intoxicated by confounding height
That eludes us
To be prepared for another ascent
And we are coaxed
To rise above
But a noise giggles in banter
Making fun of our fate!

We feel paltry of our success
And curse our height
Repenting that
We never achieved
What we wanted.

How nice it would have been
Had we understood
That height of desires
Never get culminated
Till our last breath
So rising is also falling
Or falling is also rising !


Copyright By:
Bam Dev Sharma
19 September, 2016





Slowly in the dawn
Some feathers fly away
To an alien land or
Somewhere in whirlpool of space.

Hovering up and down
As bright as a little bird
They turn white or yellow
And waltz over
The grassy clearing
Rebuffing with the wind.

Perhaps in the next dawn
Trifling sparrows would nibble
Or briskly robins would peck
Nobody knows for sure
What is meted fate to them!

If luckily saved
Foxhounds and cats
May tear them to pieces
Or splashing winds will not spare

But they fly
In the carefree glide
Like libertine feathers
Hovering up and down
Beyond sight and mind
Mesmerized in their fates!


By Bam Dev Sharma
September 16, 2016





In the autumn sun
cloudy masses rush
chasing fluffing moths
across foliage
and buffeting wind
sprinkles fragrance.

and far away
laundry women
are lost in singing
linen clothes
and rubbing smearing blots.

the serene sky
turns unfriendly
ready for chaos
like darkening phantoms
to clasp silent settlement.

soon the sky looks
heavy with woes
and rainy drops
begin to trickle
and poor women curse:
” The sky is frivolous and tempting
And the earth is soothing and kind.”

The rain falls
and ground is soaked
clothes are crumpled
laundry women depart
waiting another day
as bright as silvery linen !


Bam Dev Sharma
September 14, 2016


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