Poems by RAAD ZAMIL / Translated by Dr. Haitham Al – Zubaidi







In his way to isolation

He kept waving (a lot)

Till his fingers fell down

So . . .

The poet laureate went out

Bare-feet, following the footsteps of the pine

And whenever he sinks in his ideas,

He cries: Heeeeeeeeelp

I wonder

Who will help us

We who burnt the ships behind

And sank on the land?





I never drew my claws

In the face of the rabbits

But they are, frightened,

Trembling before me

And whenever they happened to see me

They got scared

These creatures, alone,

Recognize that inside me

There is a desert of grief

On the desert,

There is a wolf


Out of hunger!





Whenever I remembered my childhood

Among the milk-pools. . .

And swamps

Or whenever I remembered the isolation

Among the cesspits

A cloud of flies buzzed



Contaminate the memory

Fli. . . i. . . i. . . es


When shall I remove this buzzing

From my head

And put on the hat of oblivion?







I wonder

What did my father predicted

Before he threw me

In this trash basket?




I wonder why

Did the bullet

I fired on my head

Change its direction?



Man . . .

Buries his head in the dust

The Minarets

Bury their voices in the dust

The date-palms

Bury nothing

Since the war

Has eaten their heads

The ostrich alone

In this city


Faces the disaster!





Three have decided to run away

In the nearest fresh morning:

A fish

Which never felt her existence

Under the water;

A dove

Which realized that she has been brooding

On a timed-egg;

And me,

Who is called Raad Zamil,

I will open the window

And sneak out of life!

When someone shouts on me:


Or “Where are you going?!”

I will run away

Because I have a name,

That is to say,

I’m carrying a cardinal charge! (heavy indictment)



Translated by  Dr. Haitham Al – Zubaidi




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