Poems by Lily Swarn

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Poems by Lily Swarn



Endless love


I shall love you little by little

Till I reach the crescendo of the universe

The thunder of drums will herald my love

Till the howling winds will yell your name

Echoing in the icy mountains to proclaim it to the world

In avalanches of crashing love

Submerging you in soft blankets of furry warmth

I will love you till the day of reckoning

Seeping into your body like red hot blood

Swimming like mercury in your veins

And firing the hearth of your home

With glowing embers of love

I shall love you little by little till you beg for more

Like a thirsty sparrow fluttering on a wizened branch

Or a a choking salmon pink and wet

Thrashing on a virgin beach

With the merciless sun glaring at your plight

I shall love you in hell as you cry in fear

Of the abysmal torture for ever and ever

I shall love you in heaven as you smile at my tenacity

Curled up on a bed of fragrant lotus

I shall love you in bottles of gigantic doses

That magically refill while you pine for more

Love will creep up on you as the morning mist

Capturing you in foggy fizz

Dazed and numb you will call my name

For my love is fathomless as the Pacific floor

Rising like a Phoenix if you crush it down

Roaring  like the tempest  that lifts you up

In waves of jubilation that have no end


Copyright Lily Swarn 4.11.2016






Lisping your name in baby prattle

Gurgling your love in whoops of glee

It wasn’t dusk yet when the sun covered his visage in gossamer sheen and galloped into the locks of night

The moon hid behind

her cloak of satin black

Cowering in mortal dread

of the bitter harshness of daylight



That surly hag

Ruthless  and demanding

Wiping away her dream

Of yellow buttercups dancing in the silvery haze

Nodding their heads to falling stars

Whispering sweet nothings to

Lost causes

pausing for breath at the break of dawn .

Gathering primroses in her sack .


Copyright Lily Swarn 4.11 .2016






Resting my aching bones

On the criss cross jute ropes

Of your ethnic country cot

I gnaw on the rancid cheese

Of your  festering love

The diamond  prisms of bliss

Reflecting on shards of mirrors

Vanishing into the prisons of helplessness

Calf muscles stretched into

Excruciating cramps

Like a marathon runner trying

To race the steady thumping of

Your red drenched heart

Carrion birds fluttering ominously

As you thrash in the throes of death .


Copyright Lily Swarn 3.10.2016



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