ANGEL IN LOVE / Poem by Sandra Ssarmiento



Poem by Sandra Ssarmiento





Touch my hands dear ángel of the light.

Enters through my eyes with a sweet look.

The time left scars, I want to erase.

The lies of the sneaky days.

My garden has blossom with your dew.

Cherishes hopelessness with your smile.

Let’s fly to the beautiful blue sky.

To re write the story of love and passion.

I will give you the roses with out thorns.

To revive hope in true love.

Maybe the spongy clouds, are silent witnesses.

Of moments of laughter and happiness.

Angel in love, tonight… I would not want to wake up.

Of my dream…

I want to get you back from there.

Dear husband.

I would like to have you, every day at home.

But you left.

But I Love you.

Give me five more minuts with you.

Dear angel.

Dear husband.

Tonight, I would not want to wake  up.



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