Moulin Rouge / Poem by Santiago Ali

Moulin Rouge 

There is something esoteric
ergo ancient about you
a nimbus of thunderheads
miracles cry haplessly “let it be”
in a permanent season of bygone skies
unattached and unsnarled
you are the most faithful castaway of watery earth….

Stranded on a stardust sandbank
wild innocence breaks out
lethal in reluctant approval
your face catching fire reducing to ashes unbounded beholders in their burnt out beliefs….

Upon drouth ridden
untrodden textures of love
life’s blistered feet search bypast epics of futures foretold
mythos of ceremonious bonny flames
in a Moulin Rouge on earth
where sweethearts meet in a flurry of windswept sails…..

A lunatic –
I follow your moony eyes
that walk in the rain
your salt doesn’t taste slave
nor has the slave hunter
Saffron Aurora dawned on you
so foreign yet so intimate your face
shaped in a cave where hunter-painters hid their dreams in entombed galleries…..

In the heart of a secret of the desert
where stargazers sharpen their swords in the lethal liquid of full moon sorcery
to cut through the bodies
of winds of destruction
relentlessly vulgar is the character of a thunderstorm
stripping you au naturel upon the unseasoned textures of bestial expressions
fulgurating in the dark length of limbs spread in a split so magnificent
it is an adored surrender
to be ensnarled in such sweet attachment
when in eroticized ascension high kicks touch the sky
tripping the light fantastic through life’s cabaret…..


All rights reserved
Copyright © Santiago Ali 2018

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