Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon


Your Eyes

Your eyes –
the philosopher’s witness
of sunrays and thunder
sealing imprints
of  the immortal soul
a sky of selflessness
the stillness
of boundless compassion

The rose –
both sensitive and determined
diffusing its fragrance
in your glance
turns into  glowing beauty

Your eyes –
the  observer’s mirror
of stillness and agitation
words spoken, words listened
the universal truth
the latent need
of souls’ union
the birthright’s gift –
the joy of  living.


My Angel

My joys, my pains
pivoting on your scales

Empathic words
healing wounded hearts
Compassionate words
saving my rough seas,
my drowning soul

Your soft wings’ embrace
erasing my puffy tears
Your eyes’ sustaining light
transforming my life
into healthy humour,
blessing my daily chores
with endless smiles

You hold my hand
You guide
You advise
You are my angel
easing my stress
to cross the river
like a confident winner.

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