Poems by Dr.Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr.Subhendu Kar
Do we say truth or in-between untruth and truth in-between either to forgo
Yet none is flawless trenching into unstinting glory of blue to bespeak of artifacts relative.
yet a curve of timetuned crave to pixelize.
do we live in noman’s land of tomorrow?
as today abides to glide into oblivion like yesteryear’s history for references yet of no use !
as everything sails to persist through eternal steam to protract..
simply we need nothing to overshadow upbringing of some other’s s belief to incalcate in us
as those were ashes flung across graveyard to decry
yet innocence is the tool to traverse untodden path of our journey ahead for another new world unclassified yet.
Wonder awes to levitate
into world of fairy land
curve of dream ramifies
onto spark of light to emblazon
heart finds another world yet beyond
quest fluxes to fly onto seize of vision
fire empowers to infame within valley of crescent moon
for night to glorify by lurking shadow of lost intimacy.
time triuvirates in circle of creation blue
truth unobtrusive and elusive
illision seem to be paradox side by side
like mystique wrapped in impusive love and hatred explicit.
Earth abounds of it’s relentless flow of ocean by water, rain, rainbow and light of love
as symphony from string of spring to gravitate,
nothing yet addles to riffle though mystery
even by dark night of deep opacity of black hole,
as light of reflection makes an inflinching contour of hindrance to resist
evolution is in it’s own way to resolve newness to follow!
enigma is art of flowing through spree of world
yet no harm comes to inflict embodiment of endearment,
for blue to percolate into eternity of infinite bondage,
for ecstasy to meditate in room of enlightened elation!
stars and metors beacons to guide humanity to walk through infinite rhythm as of cascade
love, light, blessings all sprinkle on grace from cusp of copious void unto to redeem,
let me wait like ebb for tide to come onshore
and to touch dunes of sand to tie with infinite stream of blue.
@dr.subhendu kar

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