Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen
Against the Rape
In no God they believe
no good deed in life they receive
they believe not in the day of judgment
the organ is numb of emotion and sentiment
They see women with lustful eyes
and seek pleasure in their cries
animals are they in their task
with a body and human mask
No action is taken against
the voice of mass goes waste
before blooming they crush the buds
describing the pain of innocents is beyond words
An appeal to the government for strict step
against the rapist to end the rape
O rapist! how can you forget your birth
a woman itself brought you on earth.
A desire to do things right
to get them out from the woeful plight
a pain aroused in her heart
seeing them in trouble and jolt
like the rain on the drought
like a shadow in the summer hot
whatever she could do, she did
her helping hands were so candid
somehow she succeeded
aided them when they needed
but she realized at the very next moment
they played on her sentiment.
Since I found you I feel so lucky
without you I think I can’t be
you pamper me when I weep
you laugh with me when I am happy
you awake in me even when I sleep
you are none other than my poesy.

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