Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha



Strike, sack, retrench and retire
Progressive change
Retrogressive ‘egnahc’?

Did I bargain for agony,
Dilemma, coma, and karma?
So changeful a clue
So clueless a change?

Does this my clueless change
Need a clue or glue to turn it blue?
Or a screw to help it chew and brew?
Or a crew to make new the dew?
Or it has come to stew the few it drew?

I await the Messiah
Because I am clueless
Right now I need the change in chains
Or am I changeless?


WHERE IS MY GEOGRAPHY TEACHER? (Mr A. C. Osuoha….same surname)

Eclipse of the sun
Eclipse of the moon
Eclipse of the earth.

Orbit, and earth’s revolution
Partial eclipse and total eclipse,
Circumnavigation of the earth.

The Atlas, my compass
Latitude and longitude,
Capricorn, cancer,
The equator and the nine planets.

Altitudes and mountains
Valleys, rifts, slopes and rivers,
Heavenly bodies and their distances.

The lithosphere, stratosphere
And the atmosphere.
Earth’s crust and volcanoes
The hot magmas… liquid rock.

Decades gone, my geography
My second favourite ,
Cracking my head
To remember that class,
The teacher that helped me become
A fast writer by his fast dictation.

“It is either you bend or you break”
He would always say.


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