Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra


Unfaded Love

Pure love…
Never fades
Despite the progression
Of distance , time and space .

It dazzles …
Like bright moonlight
No matter how far
Love birds reside .

They live in hearts
Paint it with divine art
They sparkle with celestial light.
Dance gracefully being delight .

Even after ages
They keep on glowing
Are separated physically ,
Unite spirituality .

Sometimes I wonder
Is this the real world
Where we ask something
And God dispose otherwise

@ Rajashree Mohapatra __August 18 , 2018
All Rights reserved by Poet.


Oh…My Poet

Rajashree Mohapatra
Oh Poet
You are in earthly world
But live in every heart
With your profound saying
Try to remove every dirt .

Oh poet
You are a noble soul
Sent from the heaven
To soothe our lives
Unvail our ignorance .

Oh poet
Your tears flow
To wash our souls
Lead us to your Kingdom
Free from pain and fears .

Oh poet
You keep us awake
With fragrance of knowledge
We follow your foot print
That shines over the time .

@ Rajashree Mohapatra __ 07 08 2018
All rights reserved by the poet


My Tears of Love
My tears of love flow
With the tears of dark clouds
In the nakedness of dancing nights
To flow as a wild stream
Of our dreams of sleepless night
On the bed of passing time
Till we wear ring of eternal life .
@Rajashree Mohapatra __August 15 , 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet

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