Poems by Sunita Paul

Poems by Sunita Paul
Cloudy Sky
Rainy Eye
It’s all where the pains lie.
Dark Storms
Broken heart warms
Thundering in every forms.
Nature’s call
As it befall
Nostalgic past as it recall.
Some days I wake up and introspect
What have I been doing till date
Is it not very late?
To rise and shine when my life’s sun is about to set?
But then my heart whispers to me
It is all in my soul that I wish to be
So I need to change my view and get ready to see
The new improved version of the real me
So I rise up and shine again
It’s been long I have withstood all the pain
No more I visit the nostalgic down memory lanes
Now tis’ time to smile and spread smiles again.

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