Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra



Your footprints
On the seashore…
Here seagulls make love
Through the waves of raging sea

Over the sand
Shadow of the dead moon, an open wound
Clutched madness
Monuments of clay goddess

The raging sea and the waves
Within your eyes
Heart shaped dream
Ravaged shameless lust, kissed your feet

Naked arrogance
And the style of your silence
Night touched your eyes
With a fragrance of dawn

Hungry lips kissed your feet

(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra, Aug 26-201



Remembering you wrote letters…

Described the situations, you said
Will back home soon
Days, week, a fortnight, months gone
It’s going to be ten months,

No letters, no phone calls,
Last time wrote from Paris
Dated May 13, 2014

Waiting for you at breakfast table,
Empty chair, half-empty glass
How long? this silence…

At the crossroad of sleepless nights
I am listening to my own heartbeat
My own song…

With a sound of weeping violins
I am sinking in quicksand.



A nicely decorated piece of cloth
Sleeps lonely side pocket of the trouser
I roam around hither and thither, unbalanced

A solitary rose silent
Far away
Lilting music of glass bangles…

I deep down-inside the handkerchief
Smell changes
Your love, freedom all are hidden

All the soft feel of my artery
And poems about a dream
I run away
Blood and tears mingled with pebbles

(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra, 13 Aug.2018

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