TICKLE … BELIEVE / Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 

Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 




“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
And the courage to change the things that I can
Wisdom to know the difference ”
A beautiful prayer that helps me through till the end
And enjoy one moment at a time

Red boots red coat indeed brighten my being
But , at times this Egyptian darkness swamps me
O this Emptiness can drain my life
If I accept it the negative way, kudos to Buddha
Its true meaning often misunderstood, can be confusing

By the way, I once did love, and in love ! I wink
The PIC! Passion, Intimacy and Commitment, wonderful and amazing
And, I ask myself , “Why do people fall in love ?”
To understand how and why it happens, I say , it isn’t apparent
Shall I say, love can be a cake full of icing or a pomegranate ?

I raise my hand and accept our imperfect , messy love as such
Difficult to manage, yes yes complex
You, he and I, everyone has good qualities
I’d rather not rivet my eyes on the negatives
Bring out the best in both himself and myself, truly magnify the positives

Easier said than done, true diamond worth a try
I point at myself and say , “Lady , keep things simple especially about love”
In all humility accept it in stride
On a cold day in Hell, will he dare shout he doesn’t love me?
I know deep in his heart the opposite, I believe

I fill my own glass and the permission to smile
I give him the benefit of the doubt

All Rights Reserved 
© UK 22.01. 2019

3 thoughts on “TICKLE … BELIEVE / Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 

  1. I once did love and in love, I wink…. Beautifully expressed. Your piem is a sweet expression of expectations in an emotional relationship.

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