Dancing Poetry / Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali


Dancing Poetry

Poetry is dancing through my lines
Its lyrics melting with my rhymes
Fountains of ecstasy are sublime
Like a clockwise racing with time.

I am the Music lost in its ebb and flow
The whirling melodies that come and go
The Earth wearing its sweet nudity
Wobbling planets with a blended philosophy.

Poetry dances with my spirit on tiptoes
Cristallyses through rehearse , mimicry, echoes
Thrashing my heart , battering its beats
Exhibting my nudity through its flowery wits.

Poetry and science meet with Eternity
A grain of sand reverberating immortality
A sound that sends back a faint echo
Words that glide beyond the flesh and the ego.

The valleys of the spirit outshine with this mystifying voice
An eclipsed Moon overshadows this partial noise
The Sun and the Earth pulsate with the skyline
A dancing poetry resonating and rotating with the Holy shrine.


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