Poems by Flerida Ambrocio

Poems by Flerida Ambrocio



I may be able to speak the languages of men
And even of angels, but if i have no love
My speech is no more than a noisy
Gong or a clanging bell.

I may have the gifts of inspired preaching
I may have all knowledge and understand
All secrets. I may have all the faith needed
To move mountains but if i have no love
I am nothing.

I may give away everything i have
And even give up my body to be burned
But if i have no love, i am useless
This does me no good.

Love is eternal. There are inspired messages
Love never gives up and its faith, hope
And patience never fail .


The World

Last night i dream of the Lord,
The Father Amighty !
He is holding in his right hand
Seven keys
The first he told me
Belongs to Filipinos
The second is to Americans
The third is to Germany,
England, Bolivia and
All Muslim people
The fourth is to Chinese
The fifth is to India and Nepal
The sixth is to Turkey
Including Itaka and Indiana
And the seventh is the Universe.

Suddenly, a multi-coloured rainbow appeared
I was delighted. Our surrounding
Was filled with briliant brightness.
I told to myself, ” Now i had a chance
To see if at the end of a rainbow
There’s a Pot of Gold ”

One by one the Lord God told me
The meaning of each colour :
Red means love, opposite is war.
Love one another as you love yourself
If the World was filled with love
There is no war .
Orange means happiness and goodluck
” Stay happy. Happiness invites goodluck ”
Yellow means prosperity and abundance
” Work hard. Anyone who worked hard
Will prosper and will have abundant life.
Green is all about money matters.
” Handle your finances carefully ”
Avoid extravagant life. Save as much as
You can so that in time of needs
You have something to spend .
Blue – Peace of mind, health and contentment
” A peaceful mind contributes good health ”
Indigo – Spiritual tranquility.
Freedom from tension .
” Let your spirit free from
all worries and anxieties ”
Enhance your spiritual wellbeing.
Violet – Magical state in which
All wishes come into reality.
Has power to control others.

I was amazed for what i heard .
Now i realized, ” At the end of a rainbow
There is a ” Pot of Gold ”
Golden rules which we can follow
To attain goodluck, goodhealth, good life.

Copyrights@Flerida Ambrocio

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