Margaret O’Driscoll (Irland)

Margaret O’Driscoll (Irland)
Margaret O’Driscoll is an Irish poet who has been published widely internationally. Many of her pieces have been translated into several languages. Her first collection of poetry was published in 2016, titled, ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’.
Ice Storm
Severe weather warning on the news
Sagging power lines, repair crews
Glazed branches on the trees
Icicles hang from the balconies
Traffic slows down to a crawl
Shoppers edge along the wall
Cold wind blows, the sky is dark
Branches strewn across the park
A child is pulled along in a sled
Hurrying home, early to bed.
Locked In a Lovers Bond
She felt the sway of the bridge
the second highest one in the land
She wasn’t fazed by sway or height
because he held her hand
He clasped a lock onto the rail
as a bond of everlasting love
Tossed the key in the river
as they looked down from high above
Together they crossed to the forest
in Gagarin Park beyond
Floating in zero gravity
locked in a lover’s bond.
On A Cliff Top
Pink tufts of thrift on the cliff face
A razorbill sits on it’s nest
Below waves crash in a cave
I sit down for a rest
A balmy sea breeze on the cliff top
Rock doves nest in the scree
Fulmers fly overhead
It’s great to feel happy and free.

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